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Intensive Driving Courses

An intensive driving course can be a great way to ensure you are ready for the driving test but you should keep some things in mind when booking one. It is best to time your intensive driving course to coincide with the lead-up to your driving test. On average, there is a two week waiting list to take the theory test and there is a five week waiting time for the practical driving test. These waiting times are down to the DVSA and nothing to do with Vines Driving School.

Before you are allowed to book your driving test you need to have passed your theory test. This means that in total, there is often a seven week period between someone booking their theory test and being able to sit their driving test.

It makes sense to be as prepared as possible and there are two common approaches to take in the run-up to the driving test:

  • Take an intensive course over a week or two
  • Take a semi-intensive course spread out over a couple of weeks

The right choice for you may be different to what is right for someone else so make sure you think about it from your own perspective. The spare time you have, your own circumstances and how you prefer to learn will all impact on what is best for you.

If you are booking an intensive course with Vines Driving School, there is a requirement for the full cost to bepaid in advance of the booking. This will enable the instructor to clear their schedule on your chosen days, which will ensure you receive the support you require.